About Tim Mackenzie

Who is Tim Mackenzie?

Hi, I’m Tim Mackenzie – the author behind the Android Income Series.

I escaped the cubicle after a decade of software engineering at large companies to form a business focused on Android consulting, development and research. I’m passionate about simplifying complex problems as well as making life easier through reducing unnecessary work.

When I began developing apps, I found the Android ecosystem filled with hype and difficult-to-verify claims, so I set out to measure real-world performance of ad solutions and Android app markets. I have put a significant amount of ongoing effort into research and investigation of ad networks, app stores, and other services directed at Android developers.

The result is the Android Income Series, an ongoing series of books that covers topics related to Android and methods to earn income from app development and distribution.

I also continue to blog at ProjectJourneyman.com, covering all sorts of topics and news for Android developers not to mention reviews of ad networks and app stores that I research for the Android Income Series books.

Community is important for Developers

I think community is important for developers.  I participate in local technology groups such as the Phoenix Google Developer Group and the Phoenix Mobile Technology Group.  Phoenix has a great developer community.

I also speak at national mobile conferences such as AnDevCon III as well as local developer conferences in Phoenix, AZ such as the Phoenix Mobile Festival and the upcoming Desert Code Camp.

Stay in touch!

If you have questions or comments about Android income topics, or have a story to tell, email me at Tim@AndroidIncomeSeries.com

You can also find me at places such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter.

Enough about me though – the Android Income Series site is about helping you earn more income from your Android apps!