Android Income Powerstart Guide

Shortcut past the hard parts and start earning income from your Android apps!

For many of us, Android development is a profession, not just a hobby.  Regardless of if is a part-time or full time effort, it’s important to be able to make money from your efforts.

However, many Android developers are finding that making good money from Android apps requires more than just tossing an app into Google Play (fomerly the Android Market) and waiting for success.

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That’s why I wrote the Android Income Powerstart Guide (Click here to get the guide now!)

Writing an app for Android might be straightforward, but earning a good income is another matter.

There are a lot of factors that go into success:

    • Picking a revenue model (and inserting ads if needed)
    • Generating promotional graphics and materials
    • Releasing the app to Google Play (the Android Market) and elsewhere
    • Getting your app discovered (this is a big one!)
    • Measuring results and making important adjustments to continue growing

With this many things going on, it can be difficult for a small company to get everything right the first time – there are just too many new skills and hats to wear.

That’s why the information in this book is so important – it can bridge the gap between writing apps and making a good living from writing apps.

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What will you get from this book?

    • The skills you need  to be successful as a professional Android app developer and publisher
    • A way to cut the learning curve and make your first app successful
    • Methods to monitor and increase income from an app
    • Details on what to expect – and what to do – after releasing an app

It doesn’t matter if you plan to develop your app in Java or C++, use a framework like PhoneGap, Appcelerator or Corona, or if you plan to outsource the development of your app.  This book will show you what you need make your app successful.

Don’t make your first app your “training app” – give yourself all the tools you need to be successful the first time around.

Get the guidance you need to make your Android app successful

The Android Income Powerstart Guide is a start-to-finish guide for Android developers. You’ll find out how to:

    • Plan for success before a line of code is written
    • Plan your revenue model, and integrate ads if needed
    • Deploy your app to Google Play (the Android Market) – including preparation of the required text and graphics
    • Get paid
    • Monitor your income and take steps to optimize it
    • Implement advanced techniques to get more downloads and push your income even further

This isn’t just a book though – I really want you to succeed, so I’ve included a few bonuses that will be of great help to you!

Complementary Bonus #1:  You’ll also get the guide, “From Free to Premium” with instructions on taking your free ad-supported app and turning it into a premium app that generates even more money for you. You can’t get this guide anywhere else.

Complementary Bonus #2:  You’ll also get the Android Market Deployment Worksheet for Google Play – normally $5.95 – to help you have everything prepared for releasing your app.  This will be very helpful to ensure you don’t have any holdups when you go to release to Google Play.

Complementary Bonus #3:  Last – and best of all – you’ll get a complementary copy of the very latest book in the Android Income Series, the Android Ad Network Primer.  This book is normally $11.97 in print and $8.97 as an e-book, but you’ll get it free with the Android Income Powerstart Guide so you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips to get ads set up in your app.

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P.S. If you’re still on the fence, just ask yourself – how much more could you earn if you already knew everything you needed to know about Android development?  I am confident that this book will help springboard your Android app income efforts and is well worth the investment.  Download now and find out for yourself!