Android Market Alternatives – Get More Downloads for your Android Apps

More Android app stores.  More downloads.  More Income!

Android Market Alternatives ReportIf you have an Android app or game that is only on Google’s Android Market – Google Play – you are selling yourself short.  You are missing a big chunk of the revenue that your app could be earning from other app stores.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an independent developer of if you part of a big app studio – you want to maximize your revenue foreach of the apps you develop.

Where is this missing money?

Unlike iOS apps, users can get Android from a number of places.  If you want to make the greatest possible amount of money from your Android app or game, you really want it to be available everywhere that potential customers are looking for Android apps.

To date, only about 20% of my income from paid app sales has come from Google Play.  Investigating other app markets has been well worth my while.

You might be asking a few questions, though:

    • How do you find out where users are looking?
    • How do you make the best use of your time, rather than chasing after every new app market that appears on the Android scene?

Don’t reinvent the wheel

I have been researching and tracking various Android app markets for the last few years, and it takes a lot of work to investigate the swirling app store ecosystem.  It constantly changes and evolves, and you can’t take statements from app stores at face value.

That means I have read the terms and conditions, considered the implications, and deployed my apps to promising app markets.  Some haven’t worked out at all, but others have been surprisingly rewarding.

There’s no reason that every developer should have to spend this effort, however.  The research has already been done!  Rather than reinvent the wheel, you can use the Android Market Alternatives report to get going right away.

What does the report contain?

    • Information on over 30 Android app stores (this list keeps growing)
    • Commentary from the developer’s perspective – is it worth pursuing this market?
    • Ideas to make the best use of the top app stores
    • An action plan to get you started with the best app stores
    • Instructions on using my library to simplify linking to these Android app stores within your app (e.g. linking from a free app to the paid version)
    • Plus several bonuses to save you a lot of time (see below)

More Exposure Means More Income

Make more income for your Android appExposure is vital regardless of if your revenue model involves ads (such as Admob, Mobclix, LeadBolt, or MobFox), app sales, “freemium”, or in-app purchases.  You want your app to be seen and downloaded!

Buy Android Alternate Markets report now

This report covers how you will make that happen, and will help you maximize your revenue by using the right strategies with the right Android app markets.

It’s not just a matter of how many customers an app market reports or how flashy their graphics are – there are other important factors such as when the developer gets paid, customer payment options, country restrictions, language and many others.

Your Time is Valuable

If you spent the time to research these markets yourself, you would spend hundreds of dollars of your time, not to mention the lost opportunity of having your app making money while you figure these things out for yourself.

Don’t spend your valuable time researching all of these markets – I have already spent the time (and continue to do so). Gain from my experience and find which markets are worth your time and which ones are definitely not.

You could spend your time putting your app on each and every one of the dozens of Android app markets, but that’s where the real time-sink starts: updating your app on each site after every release.  Not every app market is as easy to use as Google Play.  By using this report you can focus on just the app markets that will make you money.

The tiny price of this report will be easily made up with the new customers – and higher revenue – you will gain with this knowledge.

If you’ve been following my reviews of Android app markets on the ProjectJoureyman blog on Android Income, then you already know how valuable this kind of information can be.


Complementary Bonus #1: I am adding the Appstore Deployment Assets chart.  This detailed chart shows important details on the assets needed for each app market.  For example, you need to have icons in different sizes, different promotional graphics, different lengths for the description text, and many other assets.  Do you know how long the short and long description boxes are for each market?  It’s in the chart!  You can’t get this chart anywhere else except with this report.

Complementary Bonus #2: I’m also including the Android Market Deployment Checklist, a $5.95 value (available separately here).  This will help you prepare an asset deployment package that will keep all the needed information about your app right at your fingertips.  This will make deploying to Google Play and other app markets much simpler, since you won’t have to hunt for information when you go to deploy!

For example, if you are having an icon designed, are you getting it in 512×512 resolution?  Some icon developers still think they only need to provide up to 72×72 sized launcher icons!  Don’t find this problem long after you have paid the designer and they have moved on.

Now is the right time to make more money

I really want you get get this timely information, so the report is just $47. That’s a steal compared to the value of your time that you will save, not to mention the improvement in app revenue you should see in the first month.  Click below to get the report now and then let me know how much your app revenue increases.  You don’t want to wait – you can’t get back lost time on the app markets.

Yes, you might be able to get similar information from the perspective of big companies – at big company prices to the tune of over $2300 per quarter.  You could spend the time to find the information in those reports that is of use to independent Android developers.  However, that won’t get you what you need – information to help you take action right now to earn more with your apps.

When you buy, you’ll instantly receive the link to download the report as well as the free bonus checklist and the asset chart.  You’ll have the information you need in just minutes!

I’m fully confident that this report will be of immense help to you.  However, if you aren’t 100% satisfied, I’ll refund your purchase within 30 days.  There’s no risk to try it!

Get it now for just $47

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I’m so sure that you’ll love this book, and will get more than your money’s worth out of it, that I offer a thirty-day money back guarantee!  There’s no risk to try it.


P.S. If you’re still on the fence, consider that big-business research companies are selling this kind of information for over $2300 without any kind of guarantee, and they don’t even provide the information most needed by small development companies – What are the best actions to take right now to earn money on these app markets?  This report gives you that kind of information and the tools you need, and I think that makes it well worth the investment.